Smarter, Faster and Better

Safety will benefit of the enhanced efficiency of an edge computing platform.

Businesses manage vehicles and drivers need to become more productive by making sure they take the right roads, utilize their vehicles thoroughly, stay compliant with local regulations, increase driver safety and improve communication between drivers, managers and their customer base.

AVICEN provide predictiveanalytics to enable companies to make faster and better decisions: the right answer at the right time!


Edge computing Platform


The platform was built to deliver measurable value for OEMs, suppliers, fleet managers and other key actor of the automotive market and mobility services. Our independent platform enables you to collect quality data from any source including our IoT embedded solution or third party sensors, so you can deliver the most relevant content, products and services, at the right time (ROI-driven models).

You can use this data to create audience segments, by selecting specific data, interests and actions you want to aim. Or, you can learn more about your customers with insights gathered from our global third-party data exchange.

Some of leaders and major companies have now partnered with AVICEN to provide added value services to their customers and expend IoT projects ROI.


A data-driven platform gives all information you need to make informed decisions for your strategies. Our innovative architecture includes a data layer that analyzes structured and unstructured data from all customer touch points, which gives you a better understanding of customer patterns and behaviors.

Like Lego® blocks, AVICEN lets you add or remove components to tailor your dashboard to your precise needs.
This lets you adapt your business model to new scenarios for a better growth and innovation.

Whether you want to perform, expand your services or build your own business cases – we are able to provide you the right answer at the right time!


AVICEN has a scale technical infrastructure designed to provide security through the entire information processing lifecycle. From the edge to our customers!

This infrastructure provides secure deployment of services, storage of data with end user privacy safeguards, communications between services, safe and private communication with customers over internet, and safe operation by administrators.


We’re obsessed with protecting your data and enabling you to use it freely.

AVICEN has developed an innovative technology and transparent security gateways that saves your existing applications instantly.

That means your data is continuously protected with the most advanced security available on the market. A quicker ROI and class leading performance to ensure your data is always safe!


We are living in a changing world – every day huge amounts of data are being created, sent, and stored – but the fundamental factors of businesses need to take into consideration the amount of data where, how and when to store their customer data.

Abiding by data protection legislation is clearly a non-negotiable consideration.

Protecting vehicle data is part of our understanding of customer’s pain. This is what customers expect from us. In this way, we are allowing customers to decide what happens with their data.

In addition, our Data Protection Officer helps us deliver relevant compliance advices to our customers.


We offer an Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Software Development Kits (SDKs), complete with code samples, documentation, and specialized technical support for quicker development.

Data is transforming the world

The advent of self-driving cars will force many changes in how computing and communications systems are architected, both through hardware and software.

It’s these advances in data management, combined with edge computing that will enable driverless cars, smart cities and homes, and other connected technologies.